New Life Charity Works

 Various social work activities are designed to help the community’s marginalized and downtrodden members

New Life Child Development Center

‘New Life Child Development Centre’ was established in 2005 with a great commission to bring social development into the lives of poor children and their families, who are living in 14 villages around a radius of 5 kilometers from our ministry campus, Nalumavadi. This Child Development Centre was initiated with 83 children and currently, 209 poor children and their families are benefiting from its services. Educational needs, medical needs, and other essential needs of the people were fulfilled through this program


Our Noble vision is to provide good education facilities for the deprived children in the community and Enables children to learn various skills through skill development programs. Understanding Christian values, practicing Christian disciplines, and becoming God’s disciple. 


The New Life Child development center exists to create a good environment where students can be their best in their Academic, to help them to achieve their goals, release them from their spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty, and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults

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New Life Academy

At New Life Academy we offer technical and specialization courses for the needful students who can be taught with necessary skills so that they can find aspiring career opportunities in their lives. For the latest course, details contact us.



To see a generation of young people with good ethics, strong technical knowledge, and commendable interpersonal skills who can positively impact their workplaces


Our mission is to provide dynamic training to aspiring students and help them hone their technical knowledge and interpersonal abilities through proven talent development platforms.


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New Life Self Help Group

Women Empowerment

Our New Life Society uses the concept of bringing women together through Self-Help groups and helping the people to overcome poverty and also enhancing their self-esteem to create collective development among the women with whom we work. For that, we provide tailoring and Aari design work instruction as well as improving their ability to write and do necessary mathematical computations.

New Life Skill Development Centers

Skill development training gives women a sense of worth, boosts their self-esteem, and opens doors to self-employment or jobs. In turn, these centres help these women become breadwinners and business owners capable of financially supporting their families. For that, we have established tailoring centres, and give tailoring and Ari design work training for a woman. We have established four New Life tailoring Centres in Tirunelveli and Tenkasi districts. Currently, 150 women are being benefited in tailoring, and Aari designing Works.

New Life Restoration Project

New Life Restoration project should be widened in all the cities of Tamilnadu for the uplift of the marginalized sector (street Dwellers, Commercial Sex workers, Beggars, Transgender, Differently Abled People, and other poor widows) Through this project all the basic livelihood essentials should be facilitated to the beneficiaries. Income generation programs should be conducted to uplift the economic condition of poor and needy people. In the initial phase, the project should be started in Madurai and Chennai with two project workers. Our New life Society planning to raise the volunteers and sponsors for the well–function of the project.

New Life Charity Works

Help to Poor

Various social work activities are designed to help the community's marginalized and downtrodden members. We assist poor students with their education. Medical assistance for low-income families, Marriage Support, people with Special needs, and Senior Citizen Support Programs.  During the Christmas season, we select 10,000 poor and needy people, and differently-abled members, and provide them with new clothes, nutritious meals, and special gifts.

New Life Sports Activities

Sports Activites

New Life Society offers a variety of sports training camps for junior and senior boys and girls to help them improve their athletic abilities. We provide sports, equipment, and sports kits in addition to sporting activities. Moreover, we offer nutritious food and grains, body fitness exercises, and awareness classes.

Kabbadi Camp

Our New Life Society held a ten-day girls' kabaddi camp, where sub-junior, junior, and senior girls were given healthy food and grains, as well as physical fitness exercises, awareness classes, and directions to assure success. After the training, all participants got certificates.