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Elim Purified
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Elim Purified Drinking Water

To provide our villages with clean and safe drinking water, our New Life Society decided to build a large-scale RO plant, and supply water in canes to every house, according to the requirements of water each day. We hope that through this project all our community people will be benefited. 

Helping Auto Drivers

During the COVID lockdown, auto drivers had no trips and no earnings, so they and their families suffered greatly to full fill their food needs.  Our New Life Society provides grocery items and financial support to families to help them meet their food needs.

Helping Scavengers

Scavengers play an important role in our community. They contribute to the cleanliness of our community. To show respect to them, our new life society provides them with groceries, educational assistance, and income-generating materials.

House Roofing Project

Kannikudieruppu is a tribal community located in the hills of Pabanasam in the Tenkasi district. The people are extremely poor, struggling to meet their basic food needs, and live in a desolate area. They are financially impoverished and live in huts without proper roofing. The climate is very cool, and rain is a common occurrence. In addition, they are in grave danger from wild animals. Women and children are suffering greatly due to a lack of adequate shelter. As a result, our New Life Society decided to assist them by paving roofs. Thereby we will prevent 20 families from natural calamities.  

New Vision Centre

New Vision development center to assist our village children who do not have access to academic and life skills development. This center serves children from 14 villages. Soft skills training, musical instrument training (keyboard, drum, guitar), sports (Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Volleyball), spoken English and Hindi, personality and leadership development training, civil service, banking, and NEET training are all available for children and young boys and girls. The training will be conducted by competent and well-equipped personnel.

Personality Development


Indoor games