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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 05:19
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Welfare Plans For The Afflicted People In The Orissa Carnage

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“… inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these … … you did it to Me.”

- Matthew 25:40

You are all well aware of the gruesome carnage against the Christians in the last week of August 2008 at Orissa wherein thousands of Christians were brutally manhandled, many people were burnt alive and more than 500 Church buildings were either smashed or burnt down to the grounds.

In our Prayer Group at Jesus Redeems, we have been praying for those distraught children of God since then. However, my heart was longing to go there in person, to comfort those angst-ridden children of God and to pray for them.

The LORD God has bestowed His grace to see those victimized people in person, to console them and to pray with them on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th March, 2009.

When enquired about their immediate requirements, we came to know that they all struggled to find a way to have food for even one time a day. So we have taken steps to provide at least one course of food per day. As such, from the 3rd week of March 2009, we help them in this regard through the Jesus Redeems Ministries and the New Life Society.

Our LORD has helped us in His grace to form a Committee to carry out these relief measures in an organized way. This Relief Committee was constituted with the Native Pastors, an Engineer, a College Principal and our Missionary as its members. Pray for these members too.

We all have to do something for these disgusted people who were savagely stripped off everything from their life!

Firstly, spend at least few minutes in prayer for these affected people.

Secondly, help them; for, it is a must for every one of us to help these tormented lots.

To provide help measures, our LORD has given following three Plans:


To accomplish these Plans, your help is also very much needed. Therefore, you should take part in any of these Plans.





The aim of this Project is to cater those who are suffering for want of food.
As per this plan each of 680 families that are took shelter in 4 Relief Camps would be provided with groceries worth Rs. 1,000/- in each month.

  • Rice                           :   50 Kilos
  • Pulses                        :   3   Kilos
  • Oil                             :   1   Kilo
  • Sugar                         :   2   Kilos
  • Tea Dust                   :   1   Kilo
  • Spices                        :   Rs. 50/-
  • Egg                            :   20 Nos.

Twice in a month, the Committee members along with the local Servants of God will distribute these essentials directly to the inmates of these Refugee Camps and pray together with them. Approximately for one full year we have to give this help to these people.
To fulfill this Plan, 680 persons, who can give Rs. 1,000/- per month for one full year regularly, to an affected family are needed.
You may take the responsibility for one family by giving Rs. 1,000/- per month for one full year. For this you can send Rs. 1,000/- every month or send the full amount of Rs. 12,000/- meant for one year.
Pray for this....

According to this Project we are going to help for –
  • Rebuilding the damaged Church buildings;
  • Repairing the smashed-up houses;
  • Making for an earning to some people; and
  • Providing Tailoring Machines and thus paving a way for earning to 6 Tailors who lost their livelihood in the bloody communal unrest.
From our visiting spot we gathered information about 30 Church buildings that were fully ruined to dust in the violence. Even if we build a small one in their places, it will cost Rs. 2/- lakhs for each of the building.
If you are a Professional or a Businessman, you can come forward to build a Church building. We are going to build them under our direct supervision. To build these Church buildings, 30 people who can afford Rs. 2/- lakhs are required. You may be one among them!
We have decided to build one Church on behalf of our family. So, remaining 29 persons are needed. Contact us immediately.
We have also prayerfully planned to get repaired one Church and 23 houses that were damaged at ‘PISARAMA’ village. The cost for repairing one house will be Rs. 50,000/-
Help the believer who takes shelter under tree to live in a modest house again.
For this, 23 people who can give Rs. 50,000/- each are needed.
The aim of this Project is to build 52 small houses as a colony for those 52 widows whose husbands were brutally butchered to death by Hindu fanatics for refusing to forsake their dear LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!
The building cost of one such small house will be Rs. 50,000/-. You can build one such house for one of the widow sister on behalf of yourself!
We are also making self help plans to make them to stand on their own legs by working in their land. There are scopes for this.
I personally invite you to join in either any one or all of these God-given Plans. The help that we give to these anguished and riot hit people is a help to our LORD Jesus Christ Himself! Your reward in the High Above would be abundant!
We not only help them in their day to day living, but we make arrangement to send our Missionary Team among them for conducting Fasting Prayers and Gospel Meetings to stabilize them in their spiritual life also.
The LORD is going to command a revival in Orissa. That is the reason our LORD has allowed this violent turmoil in His Church. In nearby future, the Revival at Orissa shall sake the entire North India. Pray for this.
May His Magnificent Name Alone Be Glorified!
If you are inspired by the LORD to help these Orissa Projects, may make Demand Draft or Cheque to the amount by name ‘JESUS REDEEMS’ or ‘NEW LIFE SOCIETY’ and send the same by specifically mention the name of the Project to which you make the offering. In the cover specify clearly ‘FOR ORISSA PROJECT’. For these donations you can get the tax exemption as per 80-G of Income Tax Rule.

To know more about these Projects, please contact –

  • Dr. R. Anburajan   
               00 91 9965356777
  • Bro. J. Selvakumar
                00 91 9942235305
-          MOHAN C. LAZARUS


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