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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 07:11

Many people living in this world are downtrodden and are afflicted with various difficulties. In spite of their hard labour, the earning does not profit, but wastes away. There is widespread inequality in the society. Our society has great many people who pass their days with hardly one meal a day. Adding to their predicaments are the natural calamities, failure of monsoon, dearth and the eventuality it bears upon the poor farmers.

While the people don’t get sufficient income for surviving with meeting basic necessities, they have problems of diseases that need costly treatments. This kind of situation puts them in jeopardy. We still have so many villages with no good clinics. The transporting facilities are rare in various villages. If anyone is affected, by chance, with some serious disease or some urgent medical necessity is essential for some people, the life of the person involved in that difficulty is often risked. Villagers in various parts of our land have no basic awareness to help a suffering person and for the preventive measures to be taken.

Looking at various issues of concern in our society, we established New Life Society on 18th January 1995 in Nalumavadi. Though we had a small beginning with little area of concentration initially, we have widened our horizon to many parts of India. The society was inaugurated by Bro. Thuthi Sankar.

New Life Society is a charitable, social, non-profitable organization working towards the upliftment poor and needy sections of the society with a view to helping them with Social Assistance (Assistance of medical, educational humanitarian aids to the affected) and Social Action (Training and employment) along with a patriotic vision to sow seeds in the young minds for the preparation of a prosperous and bright nation India.

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